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New Jersey Vinyl Fence style is the perfect option to go around your pool! This fence style passes pool codes in most areas. The pickets are cut straight and notched and lock into the bottom rail. The top and bottom rails are routed out and the pickets lock directly into place. The distance between each picket is 3 15/16″ which is standard for pool codes however if you are looking for a tighter space like 1″ or 2″ please call us to order!


Solid Privacy Vinyl Fence Details

  • 2″ Wide x 6″ Heavy duty bottom rail
  • 2″ Wide x 3 1/2″ Height top rail
  • 7/8″ x 3″ rectangular vinyl fence pickets
  • Gate kits include a heavy duty vinyl fence latch and vinyl fence hinge set

Framed Pool Vinyl Panel

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